Tips & Tricks

Keep it simple

Your Domain name (ie. should be as close to your company name as possible.

Choose a name that is as short as possible and at the same time either as close to your company name as can be – if not the same of course.

Not all domains will be available, please contact us to find out if the domain you are interested in hosting with us is available or not.

Always make sure that your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) so that it lists high in search engines such as Google,Chrome, Yahoo etc. We take care of that for you of course if you have your design done here.

Have a look at other websites that are in the same industry¬† as yours, that will also give you a better idea of what you do and don’t want.

Dark colors are not always a good idea, as they are gloomy, use some bright colors to attract people to your page.

Music or sounds on a website are nice, but they can also be annoying and slow your site down, unless you have a specific need for them (ie. a music website) try and avoid them.